There is a story I have heard repeated on numerous occasions about the duties of the Louisiana lieutenant governor's job. It is something to the effect that one of the office holders used to wake up every morning and call the governor's office. He would ask the governor's aide if the governor was still alive. Every morning the lieutenant governor would get the same answer, "Yes, Sir." He would then put on his golf clothes and head to the golf course, since he had no responsibility other than filling the seat of a vacated governorship.

Unlike the lieutenant governor's job, the attorney general for the state of Louisiana is the chief legal officer in the state and his duties are numerous. According to the Louisiana Constitution, the attorney general is to protect the interest of the state of Louisiana and is given the power to institute, prosecute or intervene in any civil matter, If requested by a district attorney, he may advise and assist in the prosecution of any criminal case, and upon a proper showing to a district court he may institute, prosecute or intervene in any criminal prosecution. These duties, as further defined by the Legislature, are extensive and are essential to the welfare of the state and its citizens.